“Els’ exploration to finding her purpose and living it to the fullest, is a journey that will inspire you to uncover any hidden desires and to start turning them into reality.” – Peggy Lemmens - Business owner & Entrepreneur  

Happiness is not an elusive concept. It is an awareness and attitude that you consciously gift to yourself every single day. For Els Liesenborgs, the epiphany that changed the course of her life struck on a flimsy rope bridge between two steep rock faces, thirty-three feet above ground. But before she could realize her true calling as an executive coach, she had to fight her own battles and come to grips with the fact that she was the one holding the keys to the prison within. From these hard-won battles, including infidelity and a failed marriage, come a compelling story interspersed with gritty advice, centering exercises and simple life hacks to inspire you to break out of survival and ordinary to extraordinary. This is your map to a life that rings with power and possibility.