What People Are Saying…

“What I so appreciated about the book “Living Inside Out” is that Els is sharing lessons learned from fighting at the front. With straightforward honesty and easy, practical lessons and strategies, she tells the story of how she changed her life completely, leaving behind her safety net for a new adventure as an executive coach. Her courage and commitment to wanting a richer, more conscious life shines through, but she tells you from the get to that she is not exceptional, just determined. That’s what makes this book so relatable. Els is our everyday heroine, and if she can remake her life, so can you and I.“

– Erwin Heusdens – Business owner – www.lowbudgettoys.com

“You know how we as human beings tend to lock ourselves up in a life of comfort, because we are afraid of change ? If this sounds familiar to you, then this book is an absolute must-read. It will incite you to take control of your life again, making the best choices you can make in order for you to become who you are meant to be. Els’ exploration to finding her purpose and living it to the fullest, is a journey that will inspire you to uncover any hidden desires and to start turning them into reality.”

– Peggy Lemmens – Business owner & Entrepreneur – http://www.beauty-and-dreams.be/

“Do you know what it’s like to turn your life upside down, to trade every single bit of certainty for a life of passion and purpose, but with no certainty at all ? You will discover it by reading the book “Living Inside Out”. Els’ story is one that inspires every one that is living a life of mediocrity. She writes openly about her journey towards fulfillment and happiness and doesn’t leave the spicy bits out. You too can learn from her story, from her experiences and from her life’s lessons.”

– Marc Mousseau, Visit my website at www.mmousseau.com

“This book will encourage you to connect with the conscious creator of your life. As you become engulfed in Els’ stories of triumph and determination to live her purpose, you too will be encouraged to take those giant steps to fulfillment and purpose. Els’ passion leaps out of every page to encourage others to live their best life, as she shares her most intimate failures and successes on her journey towards growth. This book will without a doubt challenge you to start living inside out!”

– Donniece Greene-Smith – Author of “He’s The Amazing Dream That Came True” and “Think Growth for Entrepreneurs”